Isabel Peralta discussing blood-conscious nationalism.

Blood Conscious Nationalism: An Interview with Isabel Peralta

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The following is a transcript from the Saint Harrison Podcast interview of Isabel Peralta, titled Blood Conscious Nationalism. Mr. Harrison speaks in English, Miss Peralta speaks in Spanish, with English subtitles displayed on-screen.
Posted to Odysee: January 6, 2022

Saint Harrison: You all know her as the girl who raised her arm and pointed at the sky in March1 last year in Spain. Yes, it’s with Miss Peralta. Enjoy.

Saint Harrison: Well, thank you for joining. Isabel Peralta: Thank you.
Saint Harrison: How are you?

Isabel Peralta: Hi. Fine, thank you. But I think I’m fine although I think that the current situation should prevent any Nationalist from feeling at peace. I believe that anyone who loves his country, culture, identity… is in a constant struggle. Because of this I think that we cannot feel well.

Saint Harrison: I mean, I agree, because I can see what you’re saying, but… what you’re saying is, the current situation stops people like us from being calm.

Isabel Peralta: Yeah.

Saint Harrison: The next question was… How old were you when you realized how bad things were?

Isabel Peralta: Okay… I was 13 years old. At school I had a history teacher who always made mentions of nationalism, from Garibaldi to Bismarck, to Mussolini, Mosley, Primo de Rivera, and of course also to Hitler. He spoke of them with such contempt that I couldn’t help but begin to feel attracted to that part of history that aroused such extreme feelings in a mediocre person. So, I did research on my own, reading books written by fascists like Giovanni Gentile or National Socialists like Hitler. From that moment I began to realize that things were not as they were told in the movies or in the classrooms, and that the “bad guys” weren’t as bad as the “good guys” told us. And so here I am today. When I see the sadness, the moral poverty that our people suffer, I feel great sorrow. When I see hungry Spaniards who the government refuses to feed as to prioritize more immigrants, when a news item is published announcing a new pact with foreign organizations, the total control of the federal system over our economies… When I see injustices like this, I can’t help but feel like I am on the right side of history.

Saint Harrison: …the hand-rubbers, basically… Um… We only saw everything in Spanish. So, what happened that day you were giving the uh… speech? What happened?

Isabel Peralta: What happened? That day we had a tribute to the Blue Division. The Blue Division was a unit of Spanish volunteers of the Wehrmacht, who enlisted to fight in Russia against the communist advance in Eastern Europe. They gave their lives for Europe, in the battle of Krasny Bor, specifically, the reason for that tribute on February 13th. I am of the opinion that we should leave the past behind and focus on future prospects, so in my speech I focused on that theory that I hold of always contemplating the past as a gear for the present and a bulwark of the future. Reading about the Blue Division I realized that they did not go simply to fight against communism or in short against Russia, I realized that they wanted to fight for a better, free, and sovereign Europe. That is why that day, in the speech I gave, I focused on rescuing their example of the soldiers who fell in the Russian steppe, to show to those young people who listened to me that it was still possible to fight for the ideals that moved these men. Just a phrase, a mention, made the speech viral, which by the way, I think is wonderful. The phrase is the following: “The Jew is the culprit”. Why did I say this? Because indeed this war was caused thanks to the Jew. The Second World War was nothing more than a set of economic springs to try to ensure the permanence of power maintained by the Federal Reserve System founded in 1913, the creation by twelve families of unreal money, of zero value, sustained simply by public debt, by speculation and interest. All that, the need to create debt in European countries that lasts until today was the true substrate of the war, apart from the main objective of crushing the only country that managed to stand up to the Jewish financial system, and had, because of this, become a world power in the course of a couple of years. That is why I will continue to give the same speeches. Maybe I will go to jail, I do not rule it out, but when I get out of it, it will take a short time before they have to process me again.

Saint Harrison: That makes sense. That’s very true. Um, what trouble have you got into since… so I know you mentioned some…

Isabel Peralta: As a result of that moment I have received several complaints. Among them we find an accusation of a “hate crime” promulgated by the government’s prosecutor itself for attacking the Jewish community, which really translates into the following: in Western democracies you have “freedom of speech”, but to use it according to the precepts that the system allows. As a result, they have investigated me more and I have again another “hate crime” for considering immigration as an invasion promoted by the international system, a way of the large banks and tools at their service, to disrupt the internal life of nations, provoke wars in certain countries to later announce “Refugees Welcome”, and have them come to Europe where they will have a house, a salary and a comfortable life. In this way they strip nations of their morals, their identity, their character, their polychromy, to ultimately weaken and dominate them. In this way, it becomes, in essence, a crime not against immigration but against its promoters, the Jewish race.

Saint Harrison: Have they been going after you even more?

Isabel Peralta: Yeah (nods head) I am currently living in Germany, but due to the media coverage of my words, this fact has not gone unnoticed by police forces. In Spain a very strange phenomenon has happened, since well-known channels on the Internet, newspapers or even television programs have invited me to give lectures, which has allowed many people to join my movement, consequently leading to a great anger in the Jewish communities and the Spanish government, because no matter how much they have tried to cut off my responses, manipulate them or ridicule me, people in general have discovered what it means to be a nationalist, what our true goals are. That has been very good for our group. A Spanish TV channel called “La Sexta” invited me to give an interview on a prime time program, which created much commotion in Spain and even the Israeli embassy ruled on the matter. Anyway, I am having several problems with the Jewish communities commission or with the Simon Wiesenthal center, which pronounced such stupid things as that I would have problems in my stay in Germany and that the German government should be careful with me. Now the police come to my house a lot, they watch me, but I don’t want to go. I must study the magnificent German nation, its culture and artistic expressions, its language and above all the remarkable degeneration of its people, such a high representative of the great European spirit in the past and now so sick.

Saint Harrison: (nods head) It is the same here as well.
Isabel Peralta: Yeah. Umm…
Saint Harrison: You got a… scholarship from a certain German group, as I understand.

Isabel Peralta: Yeah. (nods head) Right now I am active in a German group. From them I learn discipline and honor. Germany is one of the countries where it is most difficult to be a National Socialist. In Spain, in Italy with CasaPound, in France or in England, they do not really have it as difficult as the Germans. In Germany it is a crime to simply say “yes” in English during a rally because it can be interpreted as “Hess”, for Rudolf Hess. In this way, seeing militants who, despite knowing that their freedom depends on as minimal an oversight as humming some verses of an anthem in the street… that courage and fidelity is what teaches me the most.

Saint Harrison: Yeah they do have it worse than all of us, the Germans. You were on Spanish TV recently which got people upset because it was prime time. How was the reception afterwards?

Isabel Peralta: Yes, Spanish television wanted, like all social networks or dissemination methods, to make money. All money is welcome. I make them money for the simple fact that I am now news. I do not really know the reason behind this, if it is because I cause curiosity in people or sensationalism when they see a terrible “Nazi”. But at the end of the day this translates into more money for the press. In that case they ended up inviting me to speak of Bastión Frontal, a revolutionary youth movement of which I am a part of. In that interview they asked me about my ideology, about the true need of Spaniards, about the future prospects that Bastión Frontal had… but when the channel announced the broadcast of the program, there was a wave of complaints and I became a trending topic on Twitter for a couple of days. The Israeli embassy together with several Jewish organizations presented their public protest, threatening the television program that if the interview was published it would have legal consequences. Finally “La Sexta” apologized to me after the broadcast of the program because they had to delete a large part of the interview and change the edition of the program, as well as manipulate the words I said, last minute. This ultimately is logical. They were outraged because it is not the same to show the common “American History X” image of the neo-Nazi (a tough guy, shaved head with boots and tattoos, a beer in one hand and a razor in the other) to give the opportunity to expose the essential ideas of a National Socialist without manipulation or stereotypical propaganda, purely the doctrine transmitted by a disciplined militant. Those people, I believe, see that image of National Socialism as really dangerous for power. When ordinary people see it, they think, “they are normal, intelligent and cultured, not football hooligans or violent thugs”. These people can then understand our position, and that angers the Jews.

Saint Harrison: That’s the same here because, we aren’t how Hollywood portrays us, they don’t like it.

Isabel Peralta: Yeah.

Saint Harrison: Though that’s why, yourself, they canceled your interview. And with us, all they do is, they never talk to us, they talk about us, rather than inviting us on, to actually talk to us.

Isabel Peralta: Ultimately, what they want is to create an image of us that causes fear, rejection. I believe that in the end, the economic system – which is what they are most concerned about maintaining – can be shaken because of our economic doctrine, not to mention our vision of the imperial phenomenology with respect to tools such as the LGTBI lobby, BLM or modern feminism. Seeing more serious people like us and not just emaciated and sickly drug addicts, I was able to create many followers. That is what they are really afraid of. They do not want a movement like ours to have a serious representation, a visible face contrary to the one they try to make us believe corresponds to our militants. That is why they will always persecute you more or anyone like you. They will go after a book publisher more than a common criminal.

Saint Harrison: They’re just scared of people agreeing with us, cause they know they will. (gives a big smile)

Isabel Peralta: Yeah (nods head and smiles)
Saint Harrison: Tell us about Bastión Frontal.

Isabel Peralta: Yeah. (nods head) Bastión Frontal is a group that began in the environment of the pandemic and its consequent dictatorial measures. It arises in the most proletarian, working class neighborhoods, where people live from day to day, families are supported on a single salary and work is required on a daily basis. The obligation of closure of Spanish businesses due to COVID led many families to the edge of poverty. So we saw many families in our neighborhoods that we had known all our lives having a hard time. This broke our hearts, and the government did not help, they did not give the aid that the politicians promised. On the contrary, charitable institutions of NGOs were more concerned with helping immigrants who arrived by boat than people from their own town, such as it happened in the Canary Islands after the arrival of more than 4,000 immigrants who were housed in hotels. After this situation we decided to get organized, go to supermarkets and order food, getting in touch with people in need so that we can then give them food, clothes… that was our beginning. Later we saw that we needed a movement that helps our own neighbors, our own people. Bastión Frontal is a fiercely socialist organization, based on the pillars of social justice, in addition to nationalism. Bastión Frontal’s aim is to normalize fascism in our society. We simply want to normalize our ideas.

Saint Harrison: Is the group growing?

Isabel Peralta: Yeah. (nods head) We want that a person can proclaim his admiration for the social policies of Adolf Hitler without being arrested or detained. We believe that if the figure of Churchill, Stalin or any figure of the 20th century can be praised, the same can be done with our thinkers and our ideas, but to do so we have to normalize it first. The second objective is to help our neighbors, the people who need it around us. For Christmas, for example, we delivered toys to poor children.

Saint Harrison: That’s exactly what we’re trying here with different groups across the country, thankfully. The next question, do you see Europe going back to how it should be on a certain group being pushed away again?

Isabel Peralta: I believe that Europe necessarily needs brotherhood between its peoples. For this, England, France, Germany, Spain… have to abandon all the struggles they have had in the past to look to the future with the prospect of brotherhood. Leave the confrontations that have always been held, (many times ridiculously), so that we can unite in the fight for the preservation of our culture, traditions, polychrome, and blood of our people. In my opinion, the future of Europe will only be saved if all the blood-conscious nationalists unite, once again bringing together the rudders of history in favor of the onslaught of a revolution. First, yes, a cultural revolution, a transmutation of morality, then the rest. Just as the enemy is organized in networks such as the Federal Reserve System is with the union of the big banks such as Rothschild, Morgan or Rockefeller, in order to distribute each one a layer of domination, whether it be financial, propagandistic, democratic… We do the same. Focusing on true brotherhood between the European peoples, only that way can we defeat the common enemy in the long run.

Saint Harrison: Do you think it will take one country to manage to do it, and then the others will follow?

Isabel Peralta:Stop thinking about idyllic movements. We are not talking about conquering power, it is not a fight for the state since right now it is practically impossible. In contrast, what we must do is maintain a moral struggle, transmuting the negative values that prevail in Europe. I believe that what each and every one of us must do is live according to our own blood. The moment there are conscious Europeans who want to preserve all the good and true that may be left in this world, it will be really difficult for them to destroy us. As proclaimed in what I consider the birth of Europe, in the battle of Thermopylae, as Leonidas shouted against Xerxes: “if you want our weapons you will have to come and get them.” Death before dishonour. This is the real battle to maintain, always be faithful to the call of the blood. “My honor is called loyalty” if you want to fight to the end. If they put you in jail or if you lose your job, keep fighting. Our will, will be the only thing we will never ever lose. If we remain faithful, they will never totally win.

Saint Harrison: True. So, lastly, because obviously you need to get out of the café because you’re being watched. Where can people find you?

Isabel Peralta: My social network profiles are temporary, since we ironically suffer from a law called “freedom of expression”. Whenever we try to create channels, they are eliminated at the moment. I currently maintain an Instagram account (ysabel.peralta_), and a YouTube channel (Ysabel Peralta) in which I upload videos, some of them subtitled in English.

Transcribers note: Miss Peralta is banned frequently from social media platforms. The accounts just mentioned along with several other accounts no longer exist. Please bookmark her personal website, for her current social media accounts:

Isabel Peralta: Futurewise, I am organizing a Telegram account with European reach, where debates and dissemination can be held, also reaching other White parts of the world such as Argentina or the U.S. with podcasts and streams. This to create a community of readers so that we can continue to maintain our ideological positions if you are debating in public on things such as economics. I am currently writing a book, which I hope to have published before the end of 2022 to be published in Italian and German and English.

Transcribers note: as of March 2024 this book has yet to be published, however Miss Peralta has published several articles for that are available for purchase in the “Heritage and Destiny” print magazine.

Saint Harrison: What is the book about?

Isabel Peralta: My book will cover topics such as the relationship between Europe, socialism and women. An analysis of feminism and everything that surrounds it, in addition to its origins and Marxist influences, with the oppressed and the class struggle, as well as liberalism and individualism. In my opinion they are all children of Christianity, also passing through the illustration with its motto of “freedom, equality and fraternity.” A religious ideology imposed on Europe and the consequent moral illness it has brought to our people. I will also discuss the financing they receive from movements like BLM or big business in general, no matter how much they want to deny it.

Saint Harrison: Excellent, well, I’m sure the small hats will be very pleased when that book comes out.

Isabel Peralta: (smiles) Thank you very much, although I am convinced that I will not be able to translate it into certain languages, as there are very strong laws against these publications in Germany, for example. Maybe in Italy and France, hopefully also in England, it can be translated. I simply want, despite my young age, to be able to contribute with our perspectives on the world and worldview, to the public debate about equality and other chiclés of the system. Because we cannot fool ourselves, the current problem is not the treaty of Versailles or aspects of 20th century history, we have to focus on the problems of today going forward. As I said in the speech of February 13th: “It is our supreme duty to fight for Europe and for Spain, now weakened and liquidated by the enemy, the enemy that will always be the same, albeit with different masks, the Jew.”, because the present problems have only changed their mask. Before we had the problem of factories, social differences, industrialization or the century of lights, and now we have the problem of feminism, immigration, LGTBI… but it is the same elite who is behind it. If before we had the problem of Versailles, of Breton, now we have the Keynes agreement. We have to be aware that even if the face of the problem changes, what is behind it is exactly the same, the same people. We can refer to history: King Arthur expelled the Jews, Isabel of Castille did also, the Russian czars did exactly the same. It was after the Russian revolution that Europeans realized the serious problem that the Jews were conjugating after the armed financing of the soviets. Placing a perfect Jew like Lenin at the service of their plans and henchman of the greatest of the bankers, and capital, no matter how much he proclaimed himself a communist. The problems will always be the same and the enemies will always have the same big nose. But we, although at present we have forgotten about it, will also always be the same, and the blood that runs through our veins can always rise again heroically, remembering Mosley in England, Napoleon in France, The Falange in Spain… can once again take up the great epics of the past, as in Germany or Italy the voice of Europe can also rise again. One day a redemptive movement will rise again. Because just as the enemy is the same as always, so are we, deep down, and one day our patience will run out and the people of Europe will wake up once again, as they have done time and time again. Europe Awake!

Saint Harrison: Hopefully. We’ll make it a hundred and ten eventually. Anyway, thank you very much.

Isabel Peralta: (speaks in English) Ok. Thank you, for you and… Hi… (waves goodbye, smiles and nods)

Saint Harrison: (smiles and nods) Hello to Spain. Um, so you need to go and hide from the café cause people can probably hear you.

Saint Harrison: Thank you very much. Isabel Peralta: Ok.
Saint Harrison: Take care.
Isabel Peralta: Bye bye.

Saint Harrison: Bye bye.

Original interview here.

  1. The speech in question actually took place February 13, 2021 ↩︎

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February 13, 2021 – Isabel Peralta and División Azul supporters gather in Madrid for remembrance of the Battle of Krasny Bor, where the Communists were defeated. Several speeches were given, one of which was given by Miss Peralta, just 18 years old at the time.

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