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The Weekly Dose: 05/24/2024

ICC Issues Arrest Warrants For The PM Of Israel An ICC (International Criminal Court) prosecutor has issued an application for an arrest warrant against the Prime Minister of Israel (Benjamin Netanyahu) for alleged war crimes,

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The Weekly Dose: 05/10/2024

Rapper Macklemore Releases Pro-Palestine Song We start off this week’s Weekly Dose with a new pro-Palestine rap song from Macklemore. The general theme and framing of the song is that Israel is the result of

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The Weekly Dose: 05/03/2024

This week’s topics are the separation of a small city from a larger one, a pro-“asylum seeker” protest in the UK, Pierre Poilievre being seen near a Diagolon symbol, a sabotage done by a pro-israel protestor, and Kanye West’s desire to have sexual relations with Michelle Obama.

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The Weekly Dose: 04/26/2024

This week’s Weekly Dose features the European Australian Movement, Waffle House shenanigans, Irish mostly peaceful protestors, gas station discrimination, and the very ugly Harvey Weinstein.

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The Weekly Dose: 04/18/2024

This week’s Weekly Dose features dystopian mega structures, a German immigration debate, Iran VS Israel, knife attacks in Australia, and yet another black murderer.

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The Weekly Dose: 04/11/2024

OJ Simpson Dies Crack open a cold one because the perfect reason for a celebration has arrived. On April 10th it was announced that O.J. Simpson has died from cancer. This man single-handedly made the

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The Weekly Dose: 04/05/2024

“Troll” Calls Member of Parliament a Paedo Nonce, Gets Arrested On the fourth of April it is reported that a man named Paul Fogg was released on a 1 year suspended sentence following him calling

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The Weekly Dose: 03/29/2024

Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapses The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore Maryland collapsed after being struck by a cargo ship piloted by an all Indian crew. The ship was ran by a company named

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The Weekly Dose 03/22/2024

US Judge Says Illegal Immigrants Can Own Guns A recent ruling by US District Court Judge Sharon Coleman of the Northern District of Illinois states that illegal immigrants can own firearms. Libertarian groups are lauding

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