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Why You Should Buy Manor Lords

Whether you play computer games or not, whether you think gaming is a waste of time or not, I’m going to explain why you should consider taking your hard earned money and purchasing the new Medieval strategy game Manor Lords, thereby placing your thumb on the scale.

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A man in his worth clothing, white shirt and a tie, in his room, playing a medieval themed PC game. His neighborhood visible from his window.

Are Video Games A Waste Of Time?

Time is a finite resource within the limited span of a single lifetime. It’s not something you can afford to throw away, because you can never recover lost time. Thus, for an activity such as gaming to be labeled as a waste of time is a serious accusation against it, because in theory, you should never, ever waste your time.

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Does Having Access To Firearms Politically Pacify Our People?

At its core, the argument posits that access to firearms pacifies individuals by imparting a false sense of security. To assess the validity of this claim, it’s necessary to juxtapose firearm ownership with other, more recognized methods of population pacification: spectator sports (referred to as “bread and circus”), alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography, video games, music, movies, and various forms of entertainment.

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