antifa flambé

Saucy Simone’s Antifa Flambé

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Have you got a spare antifa lying around the house and guests on the way? Good news! You can whip up an Antifa flambé. This easy yet nutritious dish in a jiffy, all with very simple and available ingredients. You’ll need the following:

1 gormless airman who thinks brown people are saints
1 pint of gasoline
1 fire extinguisher
2 dopey cops

Stand your airman up near your local Israeli embassy or other Jewish object. Make him record a rambling video where he virtue signals about muh poor Palestinians. Pour gasoline over him and set him on fire. Make sure he shouts “Free Palestine”, otherwise it’s not a political act but just a suicidal temper tantrum. Spray thoroughly with fire extinguishing foam while the dopey policemen treat him like a man brandishing a gun, instead of a man on fire. Salt to taste and serve on hospital bed at your local burn unit.

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Just a friendly reminder that the guy who protested against the persecution of Buddhist monks in Vietnam literally got the Prime Minister of Vietnam kicked out of power who was the most effective anti-communist and all of Vietnam all because he wouldn’t let the Buddhists of Vietnam persecute Catholics and carry weapons and have a paramilitary group.
The CIA lost the Vietnam War

His stunt will remain forever relevant by becoming a new meme way of saying to Antifa members they should off themselves. “Can you Bushnell yourself?” “Show us your bravery for Palestine.” “Do the Bushnell dance!” “Go light up the embassy”.

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