AI Taylor Swift, Tucker Carlson Interviews Putin, Julius Malema’s Genocidal Chants, CBDC’s Loom Overhead, and More

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Lewd Taylor Swift Deepfakes Cause Outrage

We begin this week’s news with the outrage over AI being used to produce lewd photos of Taylor Swift. There is one video in particular that I watched about this that I implore you to watch if you want a good take on it. This is where I first learned of the issue, how much outrage it has sparked, and I definitely got my opinion influenced by this video. As “AI Art” continues to get more advanced I expect more instances of specific people being targeted by forums and image boards using this technology comically and to make political points. One of the things Mental Outlaw says in his video is that there have been lewd AI photos of lots of people but only when its Taylor Swift does the mass media make a point of talking about how awful it is that their leftist star got “victimized”. Once again the infamous hacker known as 4chan has ruffled the jimmies of the MSM. I had to peruse the AI images of Taylor Swift myself to find an example for this article, and I assure you it was done purely for research purposes.

Tucker Carlson Interviews Putin

I must start this section with an admission that I am definitely not an expert on Eastern European relations with Russia, Ukrainian history, and other topics that are related to this interview that Tucker Carlson did with Vladimir Putin. That being said my expectation going into this interview was that this would be an opportunity for Putin to spin his narrative on the “Special Military Operation” which was actually an invasion. I was not disappointed because that is exactly what took place, the interview begins with Putin going over Russia’s history, and then trying to use this to explain how Ukrainians don’t really exist. What he discusses next is Russia’s stated goal of “denazification” of Ukraine, which he explains is about destroying Ukrainian Nationalism and integrating Ukraine into the Russian Federation. This quote shows this quite well:

This was led by the persons who are well known, Bandera, Shukhevych. It was those people who were made national heroes. That is the problem. And we are constantly told that nationalism and neo-Nazism exists in other countries as well. Yes, they are seedlings, but we uproot them. And other countries fight against them. But Ukraine is not the case. These people have been made into national heroes in Ukraine. Monuments to those people have been erected.

-Vladimir Putin

He is lamenting that Nationalism is mainstream in Ukraine and that nationalists are honored in mainstream Ukrainian society. There should be no doubt that Russification means the persecution of Nationalists in any country that Russia is occupying, and I am glad that some figures on the “far-right” are coming around to this fact. I think this comment by Joel Davis is very good:

To relate to right-wing Whites Putin would need to appeal to nationalist principles and call out the antiwhite agenda of Western regimes. But this would contradict his ideological commitments domestically – his opposition to White identitarianism in Russia and (his opposition to) Russian ethnonationalism generally, simply is not compatible with our struggle.

Joel Davis

To conclude this segment I’ll say that this interview only made it more clear to me why the interests of Russia and the interests of White Nationalists in the West do not align, and in fact they are opposed to one another.
The full video of the interview can be found here and a full transcript of the interview can be found here.

Julius Malema Chants Kill The Boer… Again

Julius Malema is the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters of South Africa, which is a radically anti-White and communist political party. He has chanted “Kill the Boer” many times during his political career and this is the latest incident. For those who are unaware, the Boer are South Africa’s current White population. The EFF blames the Boer for South Africa’s woes, and demonizes them for “stealing the land” from Africans. What’s interesting to me about this particular incident is a comment I saw by Elon Musk on this issue:

It’s about time that he made a statement about what is happening to his own people in South Africa, and I hope his comment can shed more light on the situation. Another thing I noticed was a response from anti-Zionist and “MAGA-Communist” Jackson Hinkle who had this to say to Elon Musk:

This peaked my interest because I have seen some people pondering on whether Jackson Hinkle is “/ourguy/”. Here we see the self-proclaimed communist running cover for Julius Malema of all people, and this should make it abundantly clear that his own goals and interests are not what’s best for White people. Despite all of his conservative rhetoric of reducing immigration and other low hanging fruit, he is not “/ourguy/”. No one who runs cover for Malema can possibly be on the side of those who want to restore White sovereignty and Western Civilization. This is poisonous rhetoric and it should be treated as such.

UAE Tests It’s Central Bank Digital Currency

Out of South Africa and into the coming cyberpunk dystopia. The UAE has sent its first transaction of its own CBDC, the digital dirham, and it is part of a pilot program that other banks in other nations are participating in. The list of banks participating is included in the article, and of course China is involved. China never ceases to amaze us with how brutal and invasive it’s surveillance state is. If you think the regime’s in The West don’t want the same kind of control over your finances, you are fooling yourself. Here is the governor of Sweden’s Central Bank, Stefan Ingves, as he discusses the coming cashless society for the International Monetary Fund:

I am convinced that within 10 years we will almost exclusively be paying digitally, both in Sweden and in many parts of the world. Even today, young people, at least in Sweden, use practically no cash at all. This demographic dimension is also why I believe that cash’s decline can be neither stopped nor reversed.

-Stefan Ingves

The benefits of a cashless society for the ruling class are many. It’s easier to gather taxes, it’s easier to track what people buy which can then be used to build profiles on people, theoretically you could even impose a negative interest rate to encourage spending, and there are many other possible ways this could be used. Thankfully there are already projects created with the goal of countering this threat of decreasing financial privacy, however the media is being used as a weapon against it. Monero is fighting fire with fire by using cryptographic technology to increase privacy and not reduce it. It seems that in the coming cyberpunk dystopia there will be people who can have some funds squirreled away from total surveillance, and this is crucial for dissidents. I’ll end this segment with this simultaneously funny and scary video depicting the possible nightmarish future.

Horrific Murder of a White Australian Grandmother

Writing about topics like this is always difficult for me because internally I am very angry. I’ll keep it brief and also link to some great comments that were made by a prominent Australian Nationalist. On February 3rd at approximately 6:10pm an elderly woman named Vyleen White was stabbed to death by a South Sudanese refugee as they were stealing her car. She had just gotten home from the grocery store and was in the process of unloading her groceries. After this event the eldest daughter of Vyleen White worked with “local African community leaders” to discourage “racist attacks”. It is a testament to how powerful egalitarian brainwashing is when an elderly woman is stabbed to death, and her daughter comes out to speak with Africans saying that she doesn’t want Sudanese children to be scared of “racist attacks”. What about the fears of other vulnerable White Australians? What about the fear Vyleen White felt as she was stabbed to death by a foreigner in her own country? Unfortunately Vyleen White is one of the many sacrifices at the blood soaked altar of egalitarianism, and there will be more to come.

Here are some great comments by Blair Cottrell on this event:

The Case of Ray Rice

To the surprise of no one, I have managed to find another instance of a very wealthy black person ruining their career with impulsive behavior. Although this time thankfully there isn’t interracial violence involved. This is the case of Ray Rice, who is a former NFL player that was caught on video punching his fiancee in an elevator so hard that she collapsed unconscious to the floor like a sack of potatoes. The video went viral, and the NFL suspended him from playing for quite some time. He had to complete some sort of court mandated anger management classes, after which his domestic violence case was dismissed. However because of the viral video he is still too radioactive for any NFL Team to sign him on as a player. We are 4 for 4 now!

This concludes this week’s news segment, as always if you have any corrections or suggestions feel free to leave a comment. My contact info for telegram has also been added to my author page on this site, feel free to directly message me any corrections or suggestions as well.

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