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Against the New Nutrition Cults

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Many on the radical right are drawn to the aesthetics of masculinity and admire physical strength. Due to the nobility of our thoughts, we instinctively seek aesthetics and beauty. We know that through hard work, we can achieve goals. Young men often turn to bodybuilding and extreme diets, even considering them as necessary to achieve our political goals. Many are drawn to fitness and nutrition cults. Those who are strong and disciplined should be admired. We all tend to have an extremist streak in our psyche and so the radical ideas always appeal to us.

The first question to ask is why so many are drawn to this way of thinking? I think it comes down to two reasons; the lack of identity that is provided for men with racial views and the work required in defending all those said views on your own. 

The desire for identity is innate. We all know that alone, we cannot survive even if modernity provides some sort of support for the time being; eventually it will not be there. Conformity is slowly choking out freedoms. So many look for groups that have dynamic leaders or cool aesthetics to latch onto. There are many who seem to sell a version of “Improve yourself bro and get jacked!” to those on the radical right. Often times we see some other subversive messages being slipped in between the bodybuilding and nutrition tips.

When it comes to defending or holding opinions, there is a beauty to having faith in something like the church. Institutions provide strength to beliefs. When asked why an individual believes something, people can just say, “God says….” Or “The churches position is…” and the individual doesn’t have to do the work of actually defending or thinking critically about a question. They can simply surrender to the herd’s ideology. Being accountable for every position or idea you hold is a lot of work. You need to know your shit. For many, it is much more attractive to just jump in with a group and hold the groups positions as their own. 

But the church cannot be relied upon due to its communism and pacifism. The idea that all are equal before God cannot be pulled from Christianity. This makes it an ideology that is forever subversive to racial identity. Also, many are aware that war is a law of nature and conflict is inevitable. There will be no peaceful revolution and there can be no war without blood. Christianity creates an attitude of surrender that everything happening is God’s will and in the end he will fix everything. Many Christians also espouse that this world is fallen and is already in Satan’s possession so they don’t feel the need to fight for it. So on those two points alone; Christianity falls short. As a small caveat; your Christianity may be different, but the masses will never side with any radical interpretation of the Bible.

Most reading this can see conflict coming (to a greater degree than is already present) and have decided that racial identity is the hill worth dying on. I know that is the case for myself. But in the search for a group to identify with we often get lost in a sea of nonsense. 

Many are afraid of going the Tom Sewell route and coming out as too hardcore by declaring Hitler as the Messiah or prophet. So searching for a lighter version of those ideals they turn to an interpretation of the Nietzschean ideals of the Übermensch. This is attractive as it celebrates masculinity. With the overfeminisation of society; for young men it is natural to want to reject this. Young men want something that feeds their desire for greatness.

Most men want to be strong and fit. I owned a gym for nine years as a Strength and Conditioning Coach so I also care about aesthetics. I am a nutrition coach as well with diplomas to back it all up, so I feel that I am qualified to weigh in on this. I have attached two photos. The first one is my current state where I walk around at 97kg. The second is me when I weigh 88kg. (I’m 183cm tall)

What is the point of this?

I want to dispel myths regarding the photo at 88kg. Despite the visual aesthetic, I am very fragile when I diet down to this weight. A large part of it is that I don’t use any drugs to help me. I’m only using a strict dieting strategy in order to maintain my muscle mass and lose fat. But my performance is damaged when I drop to this weight. I get tired faster due to the energy shortage. I am most definitely weaker. It isn’t an ideal state to be in even though I “look healthy”. The longest I can maintain that state is 3 months. After that, I need to take time and recover, allowing myself to go back to 12-14% body fat.

I would usually draw this image on a whiteboard when consulting clients on their fitness related goals. The ideal for longevity is to balance health, performance and aesthetics. If you pursue one, you will have a loss in at least one other capacity. Let’s say you prioritise health above everything; then you will focus on avoiding inflammation caused by heavy weight training. Also there are risks of injury with any sport which you shouldn’t do if just want “health” above all other things. This will give you the skinny yogi body which doesn’t look great and lacks performance. If you pursue performance, then you might sacrifice some health and put on a bit more body fat which also hurts aesthetics, making you look more like a powerlifter or strongman. If you focus on aesthetics then you won’t perform at your best and health can be worn down over time. It is best to balance all three and have seasons where you focus on one without things getting out of hand.

In my current condition, I am strong, I can run 5km with ease and my mood is stable. Aesthetics are nice, but performance and health are of much greater importance to me at this stage of life. If we consider ourselves to be at war, then we need to prioritise our performance and maintain high spirits. Aesthetics are fine for a season, but you need to accept that it is a season. Just like when I peak for a weightlifting or powerlifting meet my extreme strength output could only be sustained for a week or two. Then I would have to back off or risk severe injury.

Nutrition has also become a pseudo religion in recent years. Fears of seed oils and plastics are legitimate and those should be avoided. But once you start swinging into carnivore diets, ketosis, anti-dairy or any other extremist dietary regime; you need to realise that the human body is much stronger than you think it is. You are not as fragile as you have been taught. 

I know a few young guys who have wild dietary restrictions due to beliefs in the ideal physical form. In doing this they become extremely paranoid and this limits their social life. They can’t go out to a regular restaurant or drink a beer without if negatively affecting them. They look good, but their quality of life is less than ideal. And if the excuse is that they want to get the ladies… the kind of women you attract when you are in great shape often seem to be of low moral standing. You don’t want someone who falls in love with you just because you have washboard abs.

Drinking a beer from time to time will not “destroy gains” and pasta should be eaten because it is delicious. Regulating the amount and frequency is the key. If you are overweight, you could back off on those things, but don’t swear off them forever. A season without is good, but then slowly integrate those items back into a sustainable lifestyle.

So when it comes to food; carbohydrates are not your enemy, and bread is one of the most European foods you can eat. I will say that growing up in western Canada, the majority of the bread is littered with preservatives which make it unfit for regular human consumption. But when I am back visiting I don’t make a big deal about it and I’ll eat some of it. It is so feminine to rant about how glycophytes and sulphites found in most alcohol and bread in North America is not beneficial to human health. Sure, don’t make that a regular thing in your diet, but also; don’t be a faggot about it. We are not made of glass. Europeans have been eating bread and drinking beer for thousands of years; you think you are some special snowflake who can return to eating like a hunter gatherer? Most of these “fit fascists” have never even slaughtered or skinned an animal in their lives. 

And if you do have terrible gut health and you need to watch out, sorry to say, but you’ve got shitty genetics. So shut up about it and do the best you can with what you have. I would recommend trying to get some raw dairy products with live bacteria into your digestive tract. Raw sheep milk comes to mind if you suffer some form of lactose intolerance. Weezing about your poor health or about what you have to do to stay lean is gay. I served in the Military with guys who could bench 140kg, drink 10 beers at night only to wake at 6 am and run a half marathon. Those men where titans and had freak genetics, but there is something to take away from their approach. We should not be dismissive of health but we should not obsess over it either.

This is the key take away from my rant; be the best you can with what you’ve been given. Be as fit and healthy as possible so that you can think clearly and make wise decisions for your life. Humans are judgemental and having muscle mass changes how people perceive you. You get more opportunities and responsibility. Many don’t want to hear this but being in shape will drastically improve how people treat you. Being larger has reduced the frequency of physical conflict, in my experience. 

This is similar to how you dress and your personal hygiene. Presenting yourself well matters and paying attention to details can be displayed in clothing choices. 

In addition, I cannot stress more the importance of social skills and the ability to communicate. If you want to be taken seriously and cause change, find a mate, or build a life worth living then you need to put effort in. You need to learn how to behave in different settings or situations. This comes from practice and hanging around social people. 

But extremism in any of these areas will not fix our situation alone. Being lean and muscular will not save the white race. Dressing well will not save the white race. Having exceptional social skills will not save the white race. And cutting out carbohydrates will not save the white race.

We must have a holistic approach and prioritise race above everything. Our bloodlines and the existence of our people must be the alter of greatest importance that we sacrifice everything else on. Existence itself is a protest, and even more so when you have children. 

For me, that means I would rather have my daughter marry a deadbeat, fat, degenerate white than anyone from any other race. In doing this, I accept that this may make her life worse and would cause more suffering than necessary but the genetics of the white man are the priority and my grandchildren have the chance at redemption. Maybe it would be my great grandchildren but that is a risk worthy of taking. If I’m a good father, I might be able to stop that from happening. That means I need to put effort in and be the example of the man I want her to search for. My actions are going to dictate outcomes at least to some degree. 

Our genetics are superior and when we strive to be our best; there is no competition between our race and the others – they simply don’t measure up. History has this on full display, along with the evidence of what we see today. So for those of us who believe in our supremacy, we must work to be superior. We need to represent ourselves and our ideals the best that we can.

But Nietzschean/Nudist/Fascist bodybuilders with subversive messaging should not be followed. Anyone who leans towards homosexuality, or holds “one struggle” theories should be disregarded. We should avoid those kinds of men along with any who declare that there are reptilians running the United States. Alcohol isn’t a product of Satan. Women are not to be hated or blamed for an individual’s inability to get laid. Raw eggs are no better than cooked eggs. Fitness and nutrition cults are not the answer. Our religion should be our race. Let’s love our race, culture and history more than anything else.

We do need an identity and a name. Building this should take time, and it is a good project we should work on. I’d love to hear some ideas in the comments below. Principles and a good name can go a long way in helping us sell our ideas.

Follow the Radical Dose crew because this is the best group of folks I’ve seen who espouse our beliefs.

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Alcohol is ZOG poison, an absolute curse upon our race

I have some quick thoughts about names & identity. Our identity should be strongly tied to our ancient ancestors that developed along the European rivers of the Danube, Dnipro, Volga, and others. On the door of our headquarters, we must staple the DNA evidence & whitepapers that establish our development, history, and ancient conquests. As you said, our race is the fundamental link. We are those ancient people from some 7,000 years ago that began herding cattle, drinking the milk, then invading the whole planet.

Whenever I go into a city flooded with nonwhites and see someone with a striking European faces, it sends chills down my spine. THAT’S who I’m in this for: I’m in it for the stragglers drowning in a sea of mulattos and dykes.

I think the phrase “Proto Indo European” is catchy, and it denotes that ancient history. I will be looking for similar words and phrases as candidate names.

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