About Us

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Welcome to Radical Dose, a web magazine for kings, gentlemen and anyone else who seeks to rise above the humdrum of modern mediocrity. We offer a broad range of content for your daily consumption needs and hopefully, you’ll find what you need.

Like any bold enterprise worth its salt, Radical Dose’s ultimate goal is total world domination. However, in the intermediate term, we also intend to provide you valuable insights and practical advice about surviving in the current year with your wits intact and balls still attached.

We want you to become the best you can be, the best-dressed, the best-spoken, the fittest, fastest, strongest, smartest version of yourself. We want you to be confident and comfortable in a broad range of contexts, from the workplace to the bedroom, all the way to the post-apocalyptic battlefields and hellscapes of the future. We are here to offer you the wisdom and experience to do exactly that.

We want you to become the sort of well-rounded person our ancestors respected, a healthy mind in a healthy body, worldly, well-educated, cultured, well-travelled and a little roguish as well, for a man is not whole if he has indeed not travelled down dark roads as well as light ones.

We expect you to walk away wiser, informed about world events from the people who’ve lived through them and have the presence of mind not to mindlessly repeat sensationalist news. We hope we can be your guides through tumultuous times and friends in the good ones.

We at Radical Dose also hope to provide you with an opportunity to say your peace and contribute to the online discourse. You can submit your articles and essays to our editing staff for review and become part of the team.

We want to build a culture of bold and interesting conversation, free of censorship and especially self-censorship. We believe that learned discourse between men seeking wisdom is good not only for its own sake, but for everyone participating and broader society as well.

We are committed to bringing the spring back in the step of radical politics and getting those fiery ideologues to dress in style. We’re bringing passion and humour into a sphere that’s been getting a little stolid for everyone’s taste. And if we may be so bold in our pronouncements, we’re bringing sexy back.

We encourage you to develop your own voice and call us out in the comments. We believe in conversation and even fiery argument. At the same time, we ask you to act as kings and gentlemen, for those of us who intend to rule must first embody the principle of kingship in ourselves, before we even lay eyes on a crown.