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7 Signs You’re Dealing With a Super Sayan

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There are people out there on the internet that I like to call Super Sayans, or aspiring Sayans. These are nonwhite, usually brown men who aspire to become white. I’m not talking about bog-standard nonwhite admiration for whites or appreciation of white culture. No, I’m talking about nonwhite men who believe that by performing certain acts, they can become white. I call them Super Sayans or aspiring Sayans because I believe that the patron saint of such men is Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Goku starts out as a half-monkey Asian who through exercise and bodybuilding turns into a blond, blue-eyed Aryan – a Super Sayan. Incidentally, DBZ is a favourite among blacks.

The Problem of Anonymity

One of the problems of the internet is that because of anonymity, anyone can claim to be anyone. Hence, it is probable that TradCathCrusader1488 is in fact an obese Mexican named Nacho who uses skin bleaching cream and believes that by lifting weights, mewing and “being based” he can become white. However, we are not powerless before such deception. Your uncle Nix has been online since sometime in the mid 90s and over time has developed a heuristic for sussing out people’s identities online I like to call rhetorical fingerprinting. This is a crash course in using this technique to identify Super Sayans.

1. He is obsessed with bodybuilding

Lifter bros, calm your man-tits pectorals. We are not denouncing workouts here. However, you must have noticed that one guy in the bodybuilding chat who’s just super try-hard about his numbers, about how much he crushes it at the gym, how fucking hard his muscles are and how much creatine he snorts. He also has an irrational and nearly homoerotic attachment to Arnold Schwarzenegger and to behave as if Arnold were some sort of physical god.

In fact, the Arnold obsession is what gives the game up. For many Super Sayans, the first time they saw Arnold was the first time it was impressed upon them that white is superior. Their attempt to become white likely stems from watching Terminator, Commando or Junior. Of course, since Arnold was a bodybuilder, they have to be bodybuilders too. None of these people will ever try other fitness regimens. I suppose it’s also related to that primal need to be a giant man. But fundamentally, it’s a belief that because white = strong, then by becoming strong they can become white.

2. He is obsessed with mewing, bone-mashing and gooning

I suppose I have to explain what mewing and bone-mashing are. Mewing is the practice of positioning the jaw and tongue in a certain way, specifically gluing the tongue to the roof of the mouth and jutting the lower jaw out in order to approximate the appearance of a lantern jaw. Over time, it is supposed to actually give you a lantern jaw. It is based on the age-old assumption that if you keep making that face, it’ll be stuck that way.

Bone-mashing, on the other hand is the practice of repeatedly hitting yourself in the cheekbones to the point of inflicting microfractures which then heal and make the bone stronger, like a shaolin monk’s fists. This is supposed to extend the cheekbones and make the face appear more masculine, or more precisely whiter.

Gooning is the weirdest one. It’s the practice of masturbating for hours without climax. Apparently, it hinges on the belief that sexual stimulation without sexual relief leads to heightened mental and physical acuity, something which has a cognate in Hindu religious practices (where wise men are encouraged to never ejaculate but nevertheless stimulate themselves sexually). According to some very creative internet spiritualists, gooning increases your vrill, which is a measure of whiteness, apparently. Yeah.

Super Sayan Goonzalo
Goonzalo Ligma, Super Sayan.

There are other, similar practices, but for the Super Sayans, these low rent plastic surgery and aryan voodoo techniques seem to be the most popular. Once again, the conceit is that because white men are more masculine than nonwhite men, then nonwhite men can become white by becoming more masculine. Of course, masculinity here means approximating the large jaws and cheekbones characteristic of Europeans. As for gooning, I ain’t touching that one (that’s what she said).

3. He complains about white women and their hypergamy

There’s a dirty little secret in the world of incels: most of them are nonwhite. In fact, the incel phenomenon is best described as the pathology of brown and Asian men living in the West, being attracted to and then rejected by white women and subsequently blaming feminism for their predicament. Of course, white women don’t reject nonwhite men because of feminism, but because they tend to find nonwhite men unattractive as a general rule, despite what they may say.

The rejected nonwhite men then go online and consume a bunch of manosphere content, which is disproportionately written by Jews who are likewise resentful of the white shiksas who rejected them as inadequate. The result is a jumbled narrative of white whores preferring careers to becoming tradwifes for their deserving brown, Jewish or Asian husbands. Expect the Super Sayan to quote or hero-worship Andrew Tate or if he’s older, Roosh V.

Now, is it possible that there are some white men out there who are unlucky in love and have therefore fallen prey to self-defeating incel ideology? Sure. However, they tend to be more melancholic about their predicament. The Super Sayan, on the other hand, is likely to express rage and racial hatred for white women, fuelled by his pathetic and never-sated lust.

4. He’s obsessed with being “based” or right-wing

Since the Super Sayan is insecure in his identity and is at the same time cognisant of the fact that white men are the best men on the planet, he’s probably hanging around pro-white chats on the internet and interacting with racially aware white men. Due to historical reasons and the nature of the Western political system, such men tend to be what we commonly call right-wing, hold (small c) conservative views, be opposed to feminism, the LGBT agenda, Jewish subversion, etc.

As such, in order to fit in, the Super Sayan will usually hold these views and supercharge them, taking them to the point of ridiculousness. If the white men he interacts with would prefer that gays returned to the closet, then the Super Sayan wants to execute every homo in some brutal and humiliating fashion. If the white men believe that feminism undermines the family, the Super Sayan will call for all women to be shackled to the kitchen stoves and raped if they disagree. If the white men are suspicious of Jews and their ethnic nepotism, then the Super Sayan will declare that Jews are The Eternal Enemy and must be destroyed at any cost, especially because of what they’re doing to those poor Palestinians. Because he can never belong to the group by blood, he will try his hardest to belong to it by extremeness of ideology. Needless to say, it’s as counterproductive as it is ridiculous.

Al Super Sayan
Salaam Aleikum fellow whites. Don’t you just hate those fags, Jews and white whores?

There’s an easy way to smoke such a Super Sayan out, though. Ask him whether he’d rather be neighbours with a couple of white, liberal homosexuals or a large (7+ children) family of conservative Arab Muslims. I think we can reasonably predict the Super Sayan’s response.

5. He tries to foment conflict between whites

Here we start moving away from personal and more towards political behaviour. No matter how much the Super Sayan tries to convince himself that he is actually white, he understands on some level that he isn’t one. However, he still wants to be accepted by white men and in particular racially aware white men and will try to sneak past their suspicions by not only concealing his identity, but by attempting to muddle the definition of white as well. They do this by trying to foment conflicts between the various white nations. The example bait would be to say that Italians and Irish are not white, or to claim that all Americans are mutts and therefore racially unclean. These people will also sometimes be tactical nordicists, claiming that Southern and Eastern Europeans aren’t white and hoping to squeeze by as white in the ensuing confusion.

Jews, Arabs and other Middle-Easterners are especially prone to this type of deception, given that their conception of the truth is consensus-based, as per Spengler. That is, a Middle-Eastern Super Sayan believes that if he makes the groupchat members believe he is white, then he becomes white.

super sayan oogabugamedov
Super Sayan Kurtashak Noviopovich Oogaboogamedov is here to inform you that the Irish aren’t white.

A variant sometimes seen with Indians and Iranians in particular is defining “Aryan” as simply speakers of Indo-European languages, to include themselves into whiteness but somehow exclude Finns and Hungarians. Needless to say, this is low-rent bait, but it is sometimes depressingly tolerated. In any case, expect the Super Sayan to try to open every old wound and re-litigate every intra-European conflict of the past if he can take one side and ingratiate himself to it. This is of course, problematic, because a lot of old conflicts really do need to be reexamined. The Super Sayan, however, will only ever use these conflicts to sow division, never to honestly revisit historical facts in a scientific manner.

6. He reads, preaches and never stops talking about Evola


I could just leave it at that, but there’s a method to the ridiculous, brown madness here. You see, Evola, as was normal for the Traditionalists, considered race to be a spiritual category, independent of biology. Indeed, he criticised the National Socialists for putting too much stock in biology. He wrote that blacks or Jews could be “spiritually Aryan.” For the Super Sayan, this is the confirmation that he needs, that he is – as he has always suspected- spiritually Aryan. And since in Evolian (and mainstream Christian) thought, the spirit is above the body, then surely the spiritual Aryan is a full Aryan, and certainly more aryan than white people who are spiritually of a different race. For example, our gooning, mewing, bodybuilding right-wing mestizoid or (dot) Indian is obviously spiritually aryan, but a cringe, long-distance running, left wing white man is spiritually Jewish or black or any number of bad things, regardless of heritage.

Now, Evola is not the only Traditionalist, but he’s the most prominent one and the one most often quoted on the internet, so you don’t really have to read his books in order to get the bulk of the philosophy (which is not that profound or interesting, unless you’re into the occult). The Baron’s personal legend also feeds into the “super based” requirement of the Super Sayans, since he famously proclaimed himself a super-fascist, i. e. too hot for the Fascists and National Socialists to handle. For their part, the SS seems to have considered Evola “a wanker” (paraphrase mine). This all leads us to…

7. He tries to define whiteness non-biologically

Fundamentally, the Super Sayan’s belief system hinges on the notion that one isn’t born, but rather becomes white. As such, he always tries to locate whiteness in those aspects of a human being that are under conscious control. As such, being white isn’t a biological category, as we cannot really change our biology, but rather, becomes a behavioural one, as we can always change our behaviour. And so, white isn’t he who is born into a specific genetic cluster but rather, he who lifts, he who mews, goons and bone-mashes, he who hates fags and Jews, reads Evola and Guenon, who is trad and all of those ephemera. Our friend will also express contempt for poor white people and imply that they’re not white because they’re poor. Given that most Super Sayans who live in the third world tend to be relatively affluent (they wouldn’t speak English and have access to the internet otherwise), this one is particularly common.

There are many variants of this point, but the essence is always the same. White is not a race, but a behaviour, or a class identity. Now, this doesn’t mean that white people are free to behave in any way they choose. Indeed, one of the biggest concerns I have is the negrification of white people. However, a negrified white person, a wigger is still a white person, regardless of the stupid way in which he behaves. White criminals are also white. White homosexuals are white. Fat white people are white. But nonwhites are nonwhite and no matter how much they goon, lift, bonemash, no matter how much they read Evola, they’ll never become white. There’s just no pathway to it. Real life is not DBZ. The absence of magical dragon balls, capsule cars and martial artists shooting energy beams at each other should have tipped you the fuck off ages ago, but here I am giving you the relevant information nevertheless.

Avuncular Advice

If you’re a Super Sayan, stop it. It’s annoying, it’s cringe and equal parts gay and retarded. Yes, you’re a brown man (or Asian, or black, or Jewish). Yes, I understand it sucks. You’re gonna have to learn to live with it though. As the great British philosopher Mick Jagger once quipped, You Can’t Always Get What You Want. No matter how much you want it, you’ll never be white. Once you understand this, maybe you can focus on being the best man you can be. It’s the only advice I can give you.

If you’re a white man concerned about the Super Sayan question, you must stop tolerating and encouraging them. Block Super Sayans. Ignore Super Sayan threads. Ban Super Sayans from groupchats. Divest yourself from Super Sayan content creators. Call for the deportation of Super Sayans to their home countries. Without the approval and encouragement of white men, Super Sayans will wither on the vine and hopefully accept that they’re nonwhites.

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I have a feeling Arthur Kwon Lee isn’t gonna like this one, Nix…
Nice job!

Maybe there are a few people about who fit this forced meme. But it looks suspiciously like an excuse to dismiss anyone on the internet who seems more preoccupied with self-help, traditionalism, and the utter state of modern women than with the Great HuWhite Ethnostate. After all, we can’t pretend all such people are ethnic Jews; and we wouldn’t want people getting the idea that the dissident right has tried white nationalism, found it wanting and moved on.

Perhaps you would be better placed to tell us how to spot the “Majin Buus” lurking behind a pro-white pose of fashy nostalgia, Greek statue appreciation, and denunciations of Abrahamic religion.

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