17 Signs She’s A Coal Burner.

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If you’re a White man, it’s best to stay away from women that sleep with black men. Even if it may not bother you, there are practical reasons to know whether or not she’s spent time as a simian spermbank. It’s not just a matter of protecting your own sanity and health, but also avoiding other problems. Just one of these signs isn’t necessarily a red flag that she’s a coal burner: real coal burners will exhibit several of these signs.

1. She wears large hoop earrings and/or dresses in ghetto attire.

Regardless of coal burning status, larger and more bling jewelry correlates with lower social class, which always correlates with coal. Hoop earrings specifically tend to be one of the top universal indicators of trashiness: the larger her hoop earrings, the lower her social class and the more likely it is that she’ll put out for any persistent Tyrone or Jamal. When you see a woman wearing hoop earrings, just imagine the size of the hoops is the size of her vagina. Another thing to look out for is ghetto attire in general. If she dresses like a ghetto skank that would service an entire negro basketball team, than that’s a sure sign of the type of men she’s looking for. Women typically use their appearance to send signals regarding their availability and mate preference, so keep that in mind when she looks ghetto and wears big hoop earrings.

2. She’s very low class/ghetto.

Lower class women have lower standards, and that means more likely to burn coal. Unless she’s explicitly states that she doesn’t date black men, watch out, she’s probably been through the chocolate factory.

3. She has black children.

This is the most obvious sign that she’s burnt coal — duh! If there’s just one sign that is a red flag by itself, it’s this one. Don’t date a woman that has any black children unless you like playing daddy to little Tyrones, which would obviously make you a super cuck. It’s not likely but still quite possible that, once in a blue moon, Tyrone still visits her, but not to help out with his kids… Just stay away from these broken dirt dolphins.

4. She hates White men.

Something I’ve noticed with women that burn coal is that they tend to have a low opinion of White people and especially Whites men. However, women that exclusively prefer White men will also complain about White men religiously, but the difference is that coal burners are lower class and tend to exhibit the other signs listed here in conjunction with hating White men. So this is one of those signs that definitely has to be taken in context with other signs, because by itself it isn’t coal burning smoke.

5. She’s been assaulted in her previous relationships.

Most women won’t divulge their complete sexual history with you — they only share those secrets with their closest female friends. So if she won’t tell you the race of all her previous partners but mentions being assaulted by any one of them, you can bet she’s paid a coal toll.

6. She’s really, really into sportsball.

A lot of White women unfortunately like sportsball, but some are way more into the athletes than the game — they’re called groupies. These are the sluts that wear the jerseys of their favorite sportball-bucks, trying to get pictures and autographs with them, doing anything they can to be near a baller and his team. Everyone knows that these groupies get passed around like a ball on the field, going from one athlete to the next more than anyone can keep score. Eventually they hook up with the whole team, taking a trip to Planet of the Gapes.

7. She’s had an STD.

This one should be self explanatory: blacks have the highest rates of sexually transmitted disease. I suspect one major reason why men are instinctively repulsed by coal burners is because, somewhere in the non-African-male hindbrain, we’ve evolved a subconscious detection mechanism against traits in women that correlate with venereal disease.

8. She has a lot of black friends.

Women are very sensitive to peer pressure, their natural instinct is to conform to and fit in with whatever social environment they find themselves in. White women that have black friends (especially black male friends) will feel at home with black people, black culture and of course black men. Therefore, it’s not much of a leap for a woman with lots of black friends to burn the coal.

9. She only listens to hiphop music.

A person’s music taste is a window into their soul. If a woman’s favorite music is just modern hiphop drivel by black artists, she’ll probably drop her panties for any Jamal that can spit some rhymes.

10. She is or has been addicted to drugs.

I’m not talking about women that occasionally use marijuana or mushrooms here, but rather women that are chronically addicted to drugs and alcohol, but especially harder drugs. Any woman that’s perpetually high will generally show less restraint and less discernment, which increases the odds that coal will slip through her crack when she’s strung out on “friend’s” couch. The other factor is who supplied her with her drugs: if she’s purchased from real and dedicated drug dealers, that means she’s most likely burnt coal for a fix. The safe bet is to stay away from women that have hard drug use and addiction in their past.

11. She’s fat or at least has a fat ass.

It’s widely known that African men, no matter where they’re from, have a strong preference for thicker women and thicker asses, and no one knows this better than women. When some fat women can’t snag a single White guy, rather than admit to themselves that they’re imperfect and need to lose the weight, they take the lazy route: burning coal. A popular negro YouTuber has even noted this, saying that if some White woman struggle to attract White men, they eventually go black. The good news is that if you’re reading this, you’re probably not a black man, and you probably aren’t attracted to fat women or thick asses, but maybe the woman you’re seeing now was once thick. Former fatties may have some burnt coal dust in their closet.

12. She’s ugly.

It’s one thing if a woman is fat, a fat woman knows that theoretically she can lose the weight, and perhaps she remembers being thin and attractive. Her self esteem (and thus her body) doesn’t have to collapse into the total abyss of a black cock coal mine if she can hold onto a shred of hope that one day her Planet Fitness membership can pay off and land her in the arms of a Chad rather than a De’Shawn. But when a woman is just ugly, as in born with bad genes ugly, there’s no hope. That’s all she’s ever known and she knows that, short of plastic surgery, that’s all she’ll ever be. Her self esteem is actually lower than a fat woman’s self esteem. She knows there’s no light at the end of her tunnel, so she resigns herself to stuffing her own tunnel with burning coal.

13. She’s travelled to Africa.

When a single woman wants to travel to a distantly foreign country or continent, the possibility of being involved with the men from that area not only crosses her mind, but it’s often a motivating factor. Just as a single man wouldn’t care to visit and live a country unless he was at least open to dating the women from the host population, the same is true for women — you probably wouldn’t care to spend much time in Japan if you weren’t open to dating Asian women, and White women aren’t exactly lining up to visit Japan unless they’re Anime fans. But it seems more Western women are interested in going to Africa, with excuses ranging from “humanitarian work” to fulfilling some infield anthropology studies for their University. One story I heard long ago from a friend: a White college girl he knew went with the Peace Corps to do some humanitarian bullshit in a rural African Village, and she ended up having sex with an African villager that had a reputation for screwing White college girls sent from the Peace Corps. From the story, It didn’t sound like she minded being another notch on his dirt-floor-bedpost, or that he ran back to his own hut after banging her.

14. She supports refugees.

It’s no secret that most of the “refugees” entering the West are primarily black and brown men of military age. Some might call them economic migrants, but economic concerns would require a level of foresight far beyond their simian comprehension. The traitorous women of the West know this all too well in their hindbrain, regardless of the pretty lies they parrot from the establishment. When an insatiable coal lover sees the “refugee” boats overflowing with African men, on the way to the shores of her country, the vagina tingles send her hamster-rationalization wheel spinning at full speed, and she ends holding a “refugees welcome” sign. The subconscious message is “welcome to my womb!”

15. She hates her father.

She hates her father, most likely a White man, and the best way she knows how to get back at him is to burn coal. Back in the day, it was common knowledge among Whites that if a girl was dating black men, she hated her father. This is the reason why we need to be better fathers, especially if we have daughters.

16. She supports BLM and other pro-black movements.

We’ll let the picture here do the talking here. It isn’t always true that a woman’s political beliefs align with her sexual preferences, but taken in conjunction with other signs, it could be a piece of her coal burning puzzle. If her social justice placards mention anything about male anatomy, that’s a sign that she’s not genuinely motivated by social justice.

17. She owns a Pit Bull.

Pit Bulls are that other species of “dindu nuffins,” and their owners are their “he dindu nuthin” apologists that always make up excuses for their breed’s exceptional proclivity for violence. “it’s not the breed, it’s the owner!” you’ll hear them say every time after some Pit Bull somewhere randomly decides to rip off another baby’s head; it’s just like when you here shitlibs saying “it’s not race, it’s economics!” after negros continue to commit a disproportionate number of assaults, rapes, robberies and murders each and every year. If Pit Bull owners are this blind to differences in dog breeds, they’ll be just as blind with race; Pit Bull owners are also more likely to have an affinity for black culture, since that’s the most popular breed among negro dog owners. So if you put two and two together, a White female that owns a Pit Bull is probably more than open to dating black men, because she’s already accustomed to making excuses for her savage dindu dog, and she probably doesn’t think genetic differences matter at all.

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So is the gimmick here that you get ChapGPT to write the articles?


You trained an AI on the returnofkings archive? Impressive.

Yup. But don’t tell anyone. So far so good!

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