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European diet

The European Diet

Anastasia deconstructs some American complaints about European diet and lifestyle and counsels our American cousins to maybe it on.

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The short arm of the law

The Short Arm of the Law

Conrad Schultz comments on the short arm of the law – the inability of the state to enforce its laws whilst tyrannizing the law-abiding.

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big titty trap

The Big Titty Girlfriend to Gigantic Fat Woman Pipeline

These chad dudes had obviously not married the fat bitches. No, what had happened was, the chad dudes had scored busty or curvy babes back when they were young and then those babes became fat as they aged or as the chads grew complacent and allowed their wives/girlfriends to become fat.

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Talking to these guys is the political solution.

There is a Political Solution

The process I described has several crucial differences from the way white nationalist proselytisation has been done in the past. It is not done online, or through legacy publications but in person, in conversation. It does not take an ex-cathedra approach of lecturing the recipient, but rather uses his own wants and needs to argue him into the position he ought to naturally occupy. It doesn’t try to appeal to his base instincts or material needs, but rather to his own stated highest moral values.

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stressful gaming and its consequences

Stressful Gaming

Nicholas R. Jeelvy discusses the phenomenon of stressful gaming and locates its root cause in anti-white ideology.

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